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Founded in Beijing in 1984, Lenovo acquired IBM's PC business in 2005, and first became the world's top PC maker in 2013. It entered the Android and Windows tablet market in 2011, began selling Android smartphones in 2012, and acquired Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014. The company has also launched an online-only sub-brand for smartphones called Zuk in China.

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  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Screen Replacement

    Now every mobile phone brand has merged science and art with the innovative design to give mirror-like shine to its phone screens. If your Mobile phone screen is broken, you have two main phone screen repair options: Glass or LCD repair. The front glass protects the screen and can break on its own. The LCD display controls what you see and a broken one can look like pixelated lines or just a blank screen. No matter the model of smartphone you have we can fix all screens. We offer the best quality smartphone screen replacement service in West Bengal. This can be for smashed / cracked Display Or Touch screen. We use only OEM and Original parts in affordable price, After replace the screen your device will look like before. If you are looking for an Mobile phone screen repair service near your home and work come try Amitechpro. We can replace your phone screen in front of your eyes at your home.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Battery Replacement

    We repair and replace faulty Mobile Phone batteries. The main signals your battery needs replacing are: It takes longer to charge, the power drains quickly or quicker than it used to or finally the battery becomes deformed. Our expert technicians will replace the faulty battery in few minutes at your home or office in a affordable price. Our expert team of certified mobile phone repair engineers always carry the tools with them. All kind of battery replacement & repair done at your home address.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Charging Port Replacement

    If your Mobile Phone isn’t charging properly, and you’ve already tried swapping out the charging cable, you might need to clean the phone charging port. This service is for a full check of the charging port, this can be an internal repair or a charging port replacement. If your phone’s charging cable works, but the phone struggles to charge or the wire has to be placed in a specific position the charging port is most likely broken. Don’t worry, Our certified technician can solve the problem in few hours at your home/office in a affordable price. Through our services, we make sure that we are the best Mobile phone service center in howrah, kolkata, barasat, barrackpore.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Motherboard Repair

    A faulty motherboard of the Mobile Phone can be the root cause of a wide array of issues, which range from error messages or overheating of the phone to display-related problems and a lot more. If your phone does not turn on and you don’t understand what to do and how to fix it. Don’t worry. Our expert technician can solve all the motherboard related problems in few hours. We use only OEM and Original parts. Most competitive prices. We also provide free pickup & delivery service.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Water Damage Repair

    If your Smartphone has fallen into liquid or has been spilled over by any liquid, Don’t worry, it can be fixed. Our certified technician can solve the Liquid damage problem in few hours in a affordable price. We use only OEM and Original parts. We also provide free pickup & delivery service. Our water damage service is one of our most common repairs and we’ve been able to successfully return thousands of Phone to their owners as good as new.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Software Issue

    If your Phone has any software related issue, we can fix it in few hours. Is your device stuck at logo during restart? Unable to install update? Don’t worry, it can be fixed. Our certified technician can solve the software problem in a affordable price. They are specialized for software repair.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Camera Issue

    If the back camera or front camera on your phone is damaged, cracked, not functioning or has a scratched lens, it will need replacing. Our trained technicians will repair and test the device before return to you in perfect condition.We use only OEM and Original parts. We also provide free pickup & delivery service in West Bengal.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Microphone Repair

    If other people can’t hear your voice or that your constantly cutting out, it’s more than likely your phone’s microphone is faulty or broken. Our expert technicians can repair this and return it back to you in full working condition. Don’t worry, it can be fixed. call Us: 08777626808 Or Book a technician.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Headphone Socket Repair

    If can hear crackling or hissing or your headphone wire only works in a certain position or the volume of your audio keeps dropping at random intervals, then its more than likely your phone's headphone socket needs repairing. Our trained technicians will test your Phone, if your Phone headphone socket is beyond repair, we can replace the headphone socket and return it back to its original working condition. We use only OEM and Original parts.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Home Button Replacement

    If your Phone’s Home Button is stiff or not functioning correctly, our trained technicians can repair or replace this buttons and return it back to you in full working condition. The home button of an Phone just doesn't have one but multiple functions, like the home button, is only the fingerprint sensor in Smartphone. Don’t worry, it can be fixed.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Network Problem

    If you have a problem in your Phone that Network not available Or Insert sim card Or WiFi not connected. This is a major problem and need to repair by a expert technician. Don’t worry, Our trained technicians will repair and test the device before return to you in perfect condition.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Speaker Repair & Replacement

    We deal with any kind of speaker issues. If the speaker of your Phone has no sound or producing unclear sound, then its more than likely your Phone’s speaker needs repairing or Replacement. Our trained technicians can repair or replace the speaker and return it back to you in full working condition. Get your device repaired from the fastest smartphone service center, Amitechpro.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Body Housing Replacement

    If the back housing / back panel / back glass / Others body parts are broken or scratch in your Phone, Don’t worry! Our expert technicians will repair or replace the body parts and return to you in perfect condition.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Power Button Repair

    Having trouble with your Phone's power button is very difficult because turning your phone on & off would not be really possible. If your Phone’s Power Button is stiff or not functioning correctly, our trained technicians can repair or replace this buttons and return it back to you in full working condition.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Volume Button Repair

    Having trouble with your Phone's volume button is very problematic to increase and decrease volume. If your Phone’s volume button is stiff or not functioning correctly, our trained technicians can repair or replace this buttons and return it back to you in full working condition at a very affordable price.

  • Lenovo Mobile Phone Ear Speaker Replacement

    Problem with your Phone's ear speaker? However you can use an earphone as an alternative for calling, but this might not be a very hassle-free solution to most of the people. You need to replace the faulty part to avoid any further damage of your Phone's motherboard. Our specialist are here to replace the faulty ear speaker at your home at a reasonable price.

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Any Problem, Any Model Of Lenovo Mobile Phone
Get Repaired From Lenovo Service Center, Amitechpro

  • Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G Edition
  • Lenovo K10 Plus
  • Lenovo A6 Note
  • Lenovo K10 Note
  • Lenovo Z6
  • Lenovo Z6 Youth Edition
  • Lenovo Z6 Pro
  • Lenovo K6 Enjoy
  • Lenovo Tab V7
  • Lenovo S5 Pro GT
  • Lenovo Z5 Pro GT
  • Lenovo Z5s
  • Lenovo Z5 Pro
  • Lenovo K5s
  • Lenovo K5 Pro
  • Lenovo S5 Pro
  • Lenovo K9
  • Lenovo A5
  • Lenovo K5 Note (2018)
  • Lenovo Z5
  • Lenovo K5 Play
  • Lenovo K5
  • Lenovo K3 Note
  • Lenovo Vibe Shot
  • Lenovo A7000
  • Lenovo P70
  • Lenovo A6000
  • Lenovo P90
  • Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro
  • Lenovo K3
  • Lenovo S580
  • Lenovo Sisley S90
  • Lenovo RocStar (A319)
  • Lenovo A328
  • Lenovo Vibe Z2
  • Lenovo Vibe X2
  • Lenovo A536
  • Lenovo A805e
  • Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro
  • Lenovo A526
  • Lenovo Vibe K5 Note
  • Lenovo K5 Note
  • Lenovo Lemon 3
  • Lenovo A7000 Turbo
  • Lenovo Vibe K4 Note
  • Lenovo Vibe S1 Lite
  • Lenovo Vibe X3 (Youth)
  • Lenovo Vibe X3
  • Lenovo Vibe S1
  • Lenovo K3 Note Music
  • Lenovo A1000
  • Lenovo A6000 Shot
  • Lenovo Vibe P1
  • Lenovo A7000 Plus
  • Lenovo Phab
  • Lenovo Vibe P1m
  • Lenovo Phab Plus
  • Lenovo A2010
  • Lenovo S60
  • Lenovo A3900
  • Lenovo K80
  • Lenovo A5000
  • Lenovo A6000 Plus
  • Lenovo A1900
  • Lenovo P780
  • Lenovo K900
  • Lenovo A390
  • Lenovo S890
  • Lenovo S720
  • Lenovo P770
  • Lenovo A800
  • Lenovo A690
  • Lenovo S560
  • Lenovo P700i
  • Lenovo K860
  • Lenovo S880
  • Lenovo A60
  • Lenovo Vibe B
  • Lenovo Phab 2 Plus
  • Lenovo Phab 2
  • Lenovo S5
  • Lenovo K320t
  • Lenovo K8
  • Lenovo K8 Plus
  • Lenovo K8 Note
  • Lenovo Z2 Plus
  • Lenovo A7700
  • Lenovo A6600 Plus
  • Lenovo A6600
  • Lenovo P2
  • Lenovo A Plus
  • Lenovo K6 Note
  • Lenovo K6 Power
  • Lenovo K6
  • Lenovo Vibe C2 Power
  • Lenovo Vibe A
  • Lenovo Vibe C2
  • Lenovo Zuk Z2
  • Lenovo Vibe C
  • Lenovo Zuk Z1
  • Lenovo Vibe K5
  • Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus
  • Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo
  • Lenovo S850
  • Lenovo A628T
  • Lenovo A859
  • Lenovo S650
  • Lenovo S930
  • Lenovo Vibe Z
  • Lenovo A269i
  • Lenovo A369i
  • Lenovo A516
  • Lenovo A850
  • Lenovo Vibe X
  • Lenovo A706
  • Lenovo S920
  • Lenovo S820
  • Lenovo S860
  • Lenovo S660
  • Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

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Experienced stuffs. The owner of this center Mr. Amit is very helpful person. He will do everything to repair you laptop and will deliver it to you as soon as possible. Truly recommend this place, specially for mac users.
Very good service by amit. Recently i was change my iPhone 7 screen from amitechpro. Very low price and display quality is very good.thank you man.highly recommended.
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