5 Reasons you need to upgrade to an SSD

If you’re thinking to upgrade solid state drive (SSD) for your desktop or laptop, here are a few reasons you should know before upgrade the SSD. In general, SSD is hard drive without any moving parts. the lack of moving parts allows data to be transferred at maximum speeds. Below to decide top 5 reasons you need to upgrade to an SSD.

  • SSD are more efficient : When you install an SSD, your computer will require less energy to operate. SSD save your computer’s battery life. This efficiency is particularly important for users that travel or are frequently away from their charges.
  • SSD genarate less noise and heat : SSD stay cooler than hard drives, your fan does not have to work as hard, which means less fan noise and quieter overall performance. That humming sound you heard when using a heard drive? Gone.
  • Enhanced Reliability : According to fresh start, SSD are more reliable than HDD. in fact, SSD have an average failure rate of 0.5%, whereas HDD have an average failure rate of 5%. When you install an SSD in your computer, you can rest assured that you will likely replace your laptop for a newer model before you need to replace your SSD.
  • Improved productivity : For a small investment in money and time you will have a much more immediately responsive computer. Boot up should only take second, your apps will load faster. Data and imaging programs will run faster. System maintains chores such as virus scanning will take only a fraction of the time. Think of all the time you have ever wasted while waiting on your computer. From now on that time could belong to you.
  • SSD are pocket friendly : SSD used to be an expensive option. But in the recent times prices have dropped dramatically. There are now some fantastic drives out there at very low prices.

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